I know what you draw…


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  1. Can we please get the children who dont know what they are talkin about out of the channel with your caps and !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, please if your going to debate about something then the fastest way to lose any credibility is to “yell” at other people. I will get to the point…Americans can not stop horse slaughter the demand is too great and the number of horses avalible is growing. Its like trying to stop water from going downstream. Have the Vegans done anything to stop the millions of livestock being killed? If you ban it they will make a way around it. plain and simple. You think PITA has done the horses a favor lobbying to get horse slaughter banned. Tell that to the ones taking a nice detour across the border where they get absolutly no humane treatment and have no restrictions. Thanks for dropping that ball. What cows arnt cute enough for you. Aparently they can get slaughtered without too much fuss. Just because Americans dont eat horse meat dosent mean the rest of the world does not. Now anyone can buy a horse because there is no floor price at auctions anymore so horses are going to sub prime familys whos little daughter wanted a pretty horsey. I admit that its a small fraction of people that are getting horses they shouldent but thats only because buisness people have found a way to get around this ban and ship them to good ‘ol Mexico, check the stats exportation has went up over 300%. Come on http://tropaadet.dk/barkerward85913081815

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